Artisanal and avant-garde techniques

Today, our family-run business has two offices in Mallorca, one in Portocolom and the second in Son Bugadellas, and has more than one hundred employees who continue to create refined luxury homes inspired by a huge respect for Mallorcan traditions and craftsmanship.

Thanks to our large multidisciplinary team of experts, plus a valuable group of highly prestigious partners, at Consfutur we can cover each and every one of the needs of our projects, from the moment they’re an idea in our customers’ heads.

Our end-to-end construction process begins with attentive and conscious listening, which we perform in five different languages to make our customers feel comfortable. After that, we undertake a meticulous planning, development and execution process in which we optimise time and costs, along with the utmost transparency and clarity.

During this process, we take care of everything from paperwork, plans and documents to interior design and styling, seamlessly solving any challenge that may arise during the project thanks to our proven experience.


Consfutur’s human team is made up of more than 150 solvent and extraordinarily qualified professionals. The commitment to quality, clarity and personalised attention for each of our clients is the driving force behind our everyday work, influenced by a tireless search for perfection.

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