We maintain our commitment to offer an exclusive and personalized product, as well as a direct and transparent treatment. We carefully select projects individually to ensure the best results.


We put our trust on quality and excellence. Instead of becoming a “factory” of homes, we only accept projects individually to offer 100% quality and the guarantee of direct and exclusive treatment for each one of our clients.



We are a Mallorcan construction company with a successful career of more than 40 years of experience, always in constant evolution. We serve our customers in five languages to guarantee personalized treatment.


More than 100 successful projects highlight the result of perfect teamwork, the result of commitment, responsibility, guarantee, quality and the pursuit of excellence. Even in times of crisis, we have managed to grow.


We are a construction family business that  started and has settled in Mallorca, we love and know the land, and appreciate artisan work enriched and enhanced by reasoning and a structured work system, analytical and perfectionist. We know well the local materials and we are at the forefront of the most innovative technologies to offer the best options for each project.

We offer a guarantee of success because we have our own technical means, as well as a staff of more than 70 professionals. Our team of experts is formed by multidisciplinary professionals, in addition to a valuable and important group of collaborators with the ability to cover each and every one of the tasks presented during the process.

Our projects are always individual. We build exclusive single-family homes and carry out complex and prominent renovations. Thanks to our work trajectory that seeks perfection down to the smallest detail, and always with excellent results, we have been able to remain at the top of the sector despite the years of crisis and continue to grow according to our philosophy.

Our main clients are Central European and they have high expectations from us, so our projects are always directed and developed in an exclusive and luxurious environment to ensure the best and most direct treatment, we master up to five languages so each one of our clients feel at all times that they are in the best hands.


We listen and analyze ideas with each client for the perfect housing, then, we ensure a thorough process of planning, development and execution, offering results with the highest quality, trying to meet and even exceed the expectations deposited in us, trying to optimize all resources in each case.

We establish deadlines according to the needs of each project, and we offer a series of integral services to fulfill every aspect of your new home. For the complete tranquility of our client, we take care of any type of procedure generated during the project, from the creation of the plans or the management of the required documentation, to the completion of the last decorative element, including an after-sale service for greater comfort and trust.