Sometimes, it’s essential to carry out a renovation to improve the comfort and standard of living of your home in Mallorca. However, before starting, some very important things should be taken into account.

To establish your priorities, you will have to request a budget and know the duration of your project, of course.  You will have to decide between the different varieties of materials and qualities. At this point, it’s necessary to have trusted professionals capable of designing a project of this type.

As for the legal side, it must be taken into account that the appropriate license must be requested for the type of renovation that will be carried out. In general, if there are no structure modifications, the minor project license will be sufficient. In the case of major projects, it will be mandatory to have the project signed by a technical architect endorsed by the professional association and pay the corresponding fees.

If you are thinking about carrying out a renovation, it is important that you hire professionals, otherwise, your renovation can become a problem.