There are a multitude of factors that influence when it comes to opt for an optimal terrain in the construction of a home in Mallorca, and each of the decisions made will have an impact in the final work.

I work with clients of various nationalities and normally each occurs with some preconceived ideas from your country. You would not want to continue without having the opportunity to thank each of these persons for the gratifying has been learning from them in recent years.

One thing is certain and that in Mallorca we can find the best professionals qualified in each sector where no doubt assist us and support at the time of build our dream home.

The factor most decisive and crucial to build our dream home is the location of our plot, so if found in rustic or urban soil.

For these reasons my advice is the carefully analyze if the chosen parcel complies with each and every one of the conditions which we believe necessary and essential to build our desired home.

Visit the parcel at different time slots of the day, walk around the surrounding area and even interact with the neighbors are some of the recommendations suggest to our customers and can be key in deciding the ideal location of the land.

With the passage of time tastes and trends can change, but if there is something that will always be essential in a home will be their orientation. They say that a House facing South is a life-oriented, this detail will allow us to save and economize energy to the take advantage of sunlight throughout the year. Over time all rooted in Mallorca country houses are South-facing and we can say with certainty that something will be.

By Diego Mora